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How to Help for Do it Yourself Projects        

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 Though I'm a Slate Roofer, I also assist DIY'ers on their own home projects. I don't help everybody. You must have a basic knowledge yourself.

  Want to make your own repairs or do your own installations? Not sure about the details though, are you? Would you like to "rent a roofer" to help you over the rough spots? If so, you've found the right place. You can 'rent' me by the hour for much less that it costs to hire me. That's assuming you have more than a basic idea of what you're getting yourself into. If I feel you and I can't work together and that you don't know enough about what you are getting into, I CANNOT work for you on your project.

  Get expert advice. Stop roof leaks. Learn what a proper roof repair is. More importantly, PREVENT roof leaks. I am a Professional repair expert.

     I can also fix most leaky windows that have been improperly trimmed by vinyl Siding crews. Take a look at this:  Window Flashing

        Rent A Roofer Professional by the hour in the Central Virginia area to help you

                     Do It Yourself if you want, and learn about what you're doing, so it can be done correctly!

   And by ALL MEANS, read the packaging first! Do research online!

   Ask questions. The dumbest one is the unasked one.

I'm available in Richmond, Chesterfield, Amelia, Nottoway, Prince Edward, Henrico and other Virginia areas.

DIY forums can be a source of good information, but it's BEST to stick with ones that allow the 'experts' to post a link to their own site in their signature. This will give some credibility to the answers you may be seeking.



                                                  My  E-Mail:  Frank Albert

 I spend some of my days helping "DO-IT-YOURSELFERS" in the installation of their own roof. I will help with layout, set-up, flashing detail, and material lists. This is done on an hourly basis (including Travel time, from "Port to Port). I am only on your jobsite as long as you need me. Your saving is from as little as 20%,to maybe 60%.

 20% is YOUR more likely savings, if you discount your own labor costs. Anything above that is gravy. Strive for more, but be prepared to accept less. Any higher expectation could lead to disappointment.

 I'm tinner666 online and post on several DIY, Roofing, and General Contracting Forums.

  This service is for the person with at least a basic understanding of what's involved. A main reason for this is to put a stop to the most common mistakes made by homeowners and "professionals" alike, wherever possible. These mistakes can be very costly. I have been roofing since 1967 (with time out for Military service '69-'72). I have had my own licensed business since Jan.1988.

 I can be reached at 804-232-1875 or 804-833-6418  in Central Va.

 I monitor all calls because of telemarketers. If your # does not show on caller I.D., you will have to leave a message.

Hiring me to do your detail work Doesn't mean that your roof will be perfect, nor does it guarantee that your roof will not leak. I won't guarantee YOUR work. MY work will not leak, and by time we're finished, you'll have a much better understanding of how a roof system works.

The first consultation to see if this is an option for you, or if you should hire a contractor instead will cost $250.00.

 As a licensed professional I must charge something to help cover fuel and expenses.


 I specialize in finding leaks on sloped roofs, new or old. Roof leaks can be fixed. I can fix them for you. The influx of immigrant workers has created a market of repairs on roofs as young as 2 years old. The migrants are here to do the work, get paid, and go back South of the Border. That's where I come in. I'm still here and I can usually fix the problems some of them create.

 A few of them are craftsmen, but the majority aren't. They're just unskilled hard workers. And it's because nobody has bothered to train them.

       My minimum Charge is $250.00 for any work, though I may make exceptions at my discretion.         

The $250. is the base and $65.00 per man-hour afterwards.

For slate, It's $250.00 for the 1st. slate, $30.00 for each slate thereafter, that can or is suspected to cause a leak.

Why be secretive?
And $250.00 isn't much when you consider I often have to look at the job to see what slate are needed, what hooks are needed, etc. That's 2 trips before the work starts. And each slate roof uses different size slate. It's almost impossible to show up on the job with the right slate without going somewhere and buying a selection.
Your plumber that can charge a flat $65.00 per hour has got his truck loaded with most everything he needs and 99% of his work is identical in nature. A simple question or two from him can narrow his scope of work on the phone to only a few possibilities. Not so with a roof leak.

Also look at Albert's Specialty Roofing Co.      



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